This site is dedicated to Myst V: End of Ages, the last game in the fabled Myst saga. That doesn’t mean that the other Myst games are ignored, however; all of the them—except Uru: Ages beyond Myst, which I’ve never played because I don’t use Windows—receive a fair amount of treatment as well.

There are two main areas:
  1. The Myst V Review, which is some 9,500 words long, most of which was written in one sitting on 24 September 2005, just two days after the game was released on the 22nd;
  2. The Myst V Walkthrough, which is designed as a ‘golden path’-type walkthrough, explaining everything there is to be seem in the game. It is long—some 20,000 words—and contains over 230 original screen shots. If you’re looking for a less extended walkthrough, try the one at Gamesover; and if anyone has any constructive ideas about how it could be improved, please feel free to leave a comment;
There is also a variety of other pages related to Myst games, and Myst V: End of Ages in particular:
  1. D’ni Calculator Widget—a stand-alone mini-application for Mac OS X 10.4; an update of Simon Riedl’s 1999 calculator;
  2. Noloben Glyphs and D’ni Numerals—a (fairly) detailed look at the glyphs found on Noloben, and how they relate to D’ni numerals;
  3. Slate guide—containing all the glyphs that appear during Myst V: End of Ages;
  4. Installing Myst III: Exile on OS X—a guide for those with 4 CDs and no Classic/OS 9 environment;
  5. You can also download the whole site for free as a 163-page e-book!
I hope you find something of interest!