Welcome to my walkthrough for Myst V: End of Ages. It is an attempt at writing a ‘golden path’-type guide, partly since such a path is not to be found in the official Myst V guide by Prima, which is told from a first person perspective. I for one found this disconcerting. It will not include ‘soft hints’—hints to puzzles which aim to push the player in the correct direction. Click on the following link for Myst V hints—these can also be accessed from within the game, by selecting the Exit button, choosing Main Menu, and then Hints. Neither is it the kind of walkthrough which simply instructs the player, in the minimum possible space, what needs to be done to complete the task (if you want that, the walkthrough by Gamesover is highly recommended). Instead, it will patiently guide the player through the game, showing him or her how to complete the task in the best way, explaining what is happening, and highlighting interesting things to look out for. My aim is not merely to provide the solutions to puzzles, but to help the player feel that he or she has understood them. Myst games are often solved by realising what is expected of you, what kind of things to look for, and how to look at the world in which you find yourself.

Hence, it is rather long, at nearly 20,000 words (!)

Many of the 230+ original snapshots included here are inspired by those in the official guide, although I have often supplemented these when I considered it necessary, or when I thought they could be improved. They are all original and were taken using FreeSnap on Mac OS X 10.4. Naturally, I do not own the copyright to these images.

The whole site is also available as a PDF for download.

One final note: if anyone is coming to this walkthrough having first read my Myst V Review, they can rest assured that the personal opinions expressed there at no point infiltrate the walkthrough: I have, as is only proper, adopted a neutral, informative tone throughout.

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