Myst V e-book

The whole of this Myst V site is available as an 163-page e-book. It’s free, in PDF, and A5 layout to make printing easy. I decided that if it was going to be a book, it might as well contain pretty much everything.

And yes, I did check with Cyan for permission; the email I got back said, "That should be fine."

The e-book is free, but please don’t start messing around with the content or redistributing it under you own name. That wouldn’t be very nice.

But any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

One thing to note: the e-book currently follows the old web-site, and not the updated one you’re now visiting. So any corrections which have been made here haven’t yet been transferred across. The most important changes were to the windmill puzzle in Laki’ahn (there’s a mistake in the old text), and the addition of all of Esher and Yeesha’s speeches. But I will be updating the e-book in the near future…

Download the e-book by clicking here!



Since I create this document, I seem to have misplaced the original file, which means that this PDF is the only copy I have. As such, it might not quite match the text on the website, and isn’t likely to be updated any time soon.