Making Everything Fit in Myst V

When you first enter the top level of the Great Shaft from the Cleft, turn right and listen to Esher's apology for wearing goggles in this Age. Then proceed to the rim of the shaft and listen to Esher tell you that he will meet you in Direbo. Then backtrack to the first corridor and go right, heading to the first rest area. When there you can read the journals and watch the imager before linking to the first island of Direbo, with its pedestal to Tahgira. You'll meet Esher there, and everything will be in order.

This process of backtracking is so counterintuitive that I simply can't believe that it is intentional; and even if you follow this method, it doesn't explain why Esher is seemingly unaware of the resting place (and linking book) on the top level. It also makes finding Yeesha's journals in the correct order extremely artificial, since there is a journal in the room where Esher apologises which must be ignored on first visit, and only collected on the second trip through the room, after completing Tahgira. I decided not to follow this method in my Myst V Walkthrough, because, quite frankly, it would just serve to confuse.

There is actually a still more convoluted method (which has a couple of permutations). Follow Esher's advice and proceed to the second level of the Great Shaft. Then use the linking book to go to Direbo, and meet Esher. Then backtrack (even further) by returning to the Great Shaft, taking the lift back to the top level, and then using the linking book to go to the island of Direbo which lead to Tahgira. And don't forget to ignore all of the journals you see. As I said, even more convoluted; but possible ;-)

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Making It Fit