On linking into Direbo for the first time, you will once again be greeted by Esher, who explains that the first Age—Tahgira—can be reached by using the pedestal inside a sphere not unlike the one we encountered in K’veer (read more).


However, before you do that, you should explore Direbo a little. It consists of four small islands, each accessed by bridges, each containing a linking book, and each containing an ethereal sphere—you can see the three others in the distance. Each of the bridges has two gates, one at either end, but at the moment you can only open the gates on the island on which you are stood. You will have to open the other gates later.

To open a gate, press the blue button on the left-hand side. Make sure you open both gates!


As there is nothing else on the island, you should enter the sphere. Notice that, unlike the Keep, there is only one pedestal—not four—and that the images on the ‘walls’ do not seem to be constantly shifting. This is because the Keep is a link to several worlds, and this sphere to only one—Tahgira.

Press the illuminated glyph on the left-hand side of the pedestal to be taken to the first major Age.


Note: since the Age of Direbo is effectively a bridge between the rest areas of the Great Shaft and the major ages of Tahgira, Todelmer, Noloben, and Laki’ahn, this walkthrough will subsume future visits to Direbo under sections on the Great Shaft.

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