Tahgira (fourth to final pedestal)

What Esher meant will become clear as you walk towards the sphere—the ice floe on which it is situated breaks away from the mainland at your approach. Nothing seems to bring it any closer, so you will have to try and make out the glyph on the pedestal as best you can (though see the footnote below). That will probably entail a little experimentation, but eventually the Bahro will carry the Slate into the Keep. Notice that the glyph reflects the structure of the graves on this side of the lake.


You should now return to the first pedestal. You will see that the right-hand section now contains a glyph, that of the final pedestal. Touch it, and you will be linked to the ice floe.


When you arrive, Esher will again appear and congratulate you on completing the task (read more). You should touch the Slate to make it corporeal, then return to to the first pedestal, and link back to Direbo in order to continue to the next Age.



Although the screen-shot above is about as clear as it is possible to be in Tahgira, I did manage to find a clearer shot: in the Keep, once the Slate is placed on the central pedestal. The faint brown lines overlying the white glyph are what I drew; as you can see, the glyph doesn’t have to be too close to the original.


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Tahgira (4-5)