Endgame (options)

You will find that you have linked directly into K’veer, outside the sphere; you have now reached the endgame; and should save now if you wish to see all the possible endings. There are, in essence, four endings:
  1. Give the tablet to Yeesha
  2. Go to Myst Island without the tablet
  3. Go to Myst Island with the tablet
  4. Do something else (I’m not saying what just yet! - see if you can figure it out before we get there!)
Actually, i and ii double up - you can do i and then ii, or just ii on its own. We will look at them in the order above.

Option i: Give the tablet to Yeesha

Turn around and enter the sphere, then pick up the tablet. As you turn to leave, you will see that Yeesha has appeared and is waiting for you. She will neither say nor do anything until you approach; even then she will simply make a gesture with her hands.


If you now give her the tablet, she will sag visibly, and walk away from you silently, turning back only to shake her head; then she will link away. The tablet will back in its original place in the pedestal, having returned to its former ethereal Slate; it no longer responds to your touch. The other Slates have disappeared, as have the glyphs on the pedestals which allowed you to link to the Ages.


You now have only two choices: use the linking book to go to Myst Island without the tablet, and face Esher’s understandable disappointment; or to shun the island and remain trapped in K’veer, alone.

Option ii: Go to Myst Island without the tablet

There are logically two ways of going to Myst Island without the tablet: either you gave the tablet to Yeesha, and then used the linking book; or you didn’t pick the tablet up in the first place, and go to the island anyway, presumably to confront Esher. That is, I suppose, one way of giving the tablet to neither.


The book, you may remember, lay on a table in the room you found yourself in when you first appeared in K’veer. Go back there and open the book; you will immediately see from the Gateway Image that the ship in the dock has capsized, and that it is pouring with rain. A far from welcoming sight.

When you arrive, you will find that the rest of the island is in no better shape than the capsized ship; the grass is overgrown, columns stand askew, the buildings seem run down. As you explore, you will find Esher in front of the library; as expected, he doesn't seem pleased (read more).


Why didn’t you trust me? he asks you. Yes, the tablet has slipped through Yeesha’s hands, but now it is wasted. And you are doomed to remain on Myst Island, since there is no way to leave. And with that, he links away, leaving you standing alone in the rain.


Nothing works on the island; the library has been destroyed, the linking books gone. Esher was right: there is no way out. You are here to stay. Your game is over.

Option iii: Go to Myst Island with the tablet

As in ii (above) go to the linking book in the first room, but this time take the tablet with you. Yeesha will not try to stop you; indeed, she will not even register your presence unless you approach her directly. The same dreary scene of rain and dilapidation will greet you as you link to the island, but Esher will not be waiting for you in front of the library; he is nowhere to be found on the island. Inside the library, however, is a metal pedestal, obviously designed to hold the tablet now in your hands.


As you place the tablet on the pedestal, Esher will appear. He seems at first to not believe that the tablet is real: that it might slip out of his grasp as it did before. Well done, he says to you. And then his tone changes. Your feeble mind to not comprehend the full power of the tablet, so it is only right that it should come to a true master: he himself. As a reward for your help in bringing him the tablet, Esher magnanimously gives you Myst Island, run down and barren as it is. As he shrieks with laughter at your folly and his success, he links away, leaving you alone on the island (read more).


The tablet is still there, but you cannot touch it; there is only the rain outside, beating down on the roof, and your solitude. Your game is over.

Option iv: Do something else

So you can’t give the tablet you Yeesha, and you can’t give the tablet to Esher. So what else can you do? If you’re still not sure, consider these questions:
  1. Who else could you give it to?
  2. Who have you been giving things to for the whole game?
  3. And how have you given these things?
When you think you know the answer - if you didn’t know it already - click on the final link to proceed to the successful solution to the game.

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Endgame (options)