Tahgira (second to third pedestal)

It is now time to turn to the glyph inscribed on the wall.


This is the Age's environmental manipulation glyph. There is one per Age, and they are essential for the completion of at least one puzzle. The best thing to do is to test the glyph by writing it on the Slate and leaving it for the Bahro to find—then you can discover what effect it has.


The first thing that happens is that there is a blinding flash of lightning, and then steam erupts from various apertures in the ground. If you try to cross the bridge which leads away from the area with the second pedestal, you will find that all the snow which previously lay upon it has melted, and that your passage to the other side is now blocked by an impassable wall of steam.


However, the steam will only last for 90 seconds or so—enough time to admire the view. Also note that, having followed the instructions on the Slate, the Bahro will link away, returning some 15 second later to return it to the main pedestal. In the interim you can, of course, pick the Slate up instead. This is particularly useful when trying to complete a task which involves the environmental manipulation glyph, which may take several attempts before you are able to complete the puzzle. But notice that all the glyphs that you write on the Slate will fade after a while, meaning that you will have to redraw them every time that you want to use them—and that there are shortcuts on the bottom of the Slate.

When the steam subsides, snow will begin to settle on the bridge, and you are free to cross to the other side. From there you should approach the village (it is not actually necessary to take the Slate with you now that you know how to move it from pedestal to pedestal. It is easy enough to retrieve from wherever you left it; if in doubt, try the main pedestal).


Judging from the areas of ground without snow, it should be clear that many of the structures in this age are built over the same kind of apertures you encountered earlier, possibly even storing the energy generated from steam. As you come closer to the central, and tallest, structure, you will find another pedestal; for sake of simplicity, you should now instruct the Bahro to bring the Slate to this pedestal, following the same procedure as before. If you didn't bring the Slate with you, you'll have to collect it from wherever you left it first! (Please also note that from now on I will not be including an snapshot of every glyph both in original context and written on the Slate—however, both types of snapshot can be found in the Slate guide.)


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Tahgira (2-3)