Endgame (solution)

The correct solution is, of course, to give the tablet to the Bahro by dropping it on the floor and letting them pick it up.

Go into the sphere and collect the tablet, then exit, and drop the tablet on the floor in exactly the same way that you would a Slate (note that you must be in K’veer to do this: if you decided to check out Myst Island first, you'll have no choice but to give the tablet to Esher, or leave it lying around in the undergrowth). Then step away from it; something large and dark will cover your vision, and moments later you will be stood before Yeesha. She will sag and fall to her knees.


She has been set free, she says (read more). The slavery of the Bahro is over, and the burden of her family lifted.


Something dark will cover your eyes again, and when it is removed you will find yourself in a large courtyard, Atrus stood before you. Then Yeesha will appear, and run to embrace her father (read more).


Then Atrus will approach you and thank you for all you have done, mistaking you for his “old friend”—the Stranger—who helped so many times before (read more).


As Yeesha and Atrus turn to leave, a couple of Bahro will appear, holding Esher between them.


When he sees you spits, calling you a lump of filth (read more). He insists that he is the Grower, and that you are a fool for releasing the slaves as masters, instead of giving him the power he needed. Yeesha silences him, and tells the Bahro to do with him as they see fit: treat him as one of the Least should be treated—as former slaves, they should treat him as they would wish slaves to be treated. We never find out what happens, but the official Myst V Guide suggests that it is probably forgiving; for Esher, I’m sure, forgiveness would be a torment beyond description.

Then Yeesha approaches you and offers her thanks, saying that the restoration of D’ni will not be built on oppression; that kingdoms are only as strong as the hearts of their people, and that your heart has earned you a place in this kingdom (read more).

As she turns to leave, the remaining Bahro sprouts wings and flies up to into the sky.


You are gently lifted up in its claws, and see Releeshahn spread before you.


Esher's vain attempt to recreate the past in his own image has failed; you have freed both Yeehsa and the Bahro, and found a new home. The game is over, and the credits roll.


I hope you enjoyed this walkthrough and found it helpful. If you have any suggestions about how it could be improved, or if you found any of the passages unclear, please let me know. And if this was your first Myst game, I hope it has whetted your appetite for more!

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Endgame (solution)